IT's unclear

when exactly I decided that food would be the center of my universe. My earliest memories of food began standing on a stool, hunched over the kitchen sink eating a tomato the size of blahhhhh. I would bite into them just like an apple, and the juice would drip down my arms to my elbows. They never needed to be salted, dressed or dipped in anything.

I grew up in the Midwest, always in the woods or on the water. My mom would cook with the seasons and make every dinner with a glass of wine in hand. She taught us what we were eating and why it was good for our bodies. When the Wonder-Bread ham & cheese kids at school made fun of my whole wheat turkey & swiss, I hated that we didn't have fruit loops or any rainbow snacks in our pantry. It took me a few years to understand how powerful food is; physically and emotionally. What we put into our bodies is an important decision, and (about) three times a day, we get to choose how we will recharge ourselves and our loved ones. Sharing a meal with people you love is one of the most ....lmnjk hjb hkmnk

. means universality. It's a form of communication across time and space, it's an emotional connection, it's speaking without spoken word. 

Disclaimer - I don't only cook healthy food. I love butter. A lot of butter. And sour cream by the spoonful. I love superman ice cream and I love a good dollar slice. However, I do try to eat everything in moderation. Some days, my heart tells me it's a block of brie for dinner. Some weeks, I focus on green smoothies and vegan lunches. Eating should be a fun ride. And listening to your body is the most important part. Depriving yourself of what you really want is never successful, but having a 3 doughnuts every morning isn't ideal either. It's all about balance. Have that croissant everyone once in a while, and when you do, savor every bite and smile because you deserve it, baby.

This is not a food blog.

This is a recipe index. This is an ever-evolving collection of all the things I love to make. The cake I made the day gay marriage was legalized, the pasta I ate the night I quit my job. But this is not a diary. It's not a place for me to vent about this morning's farmer's market haul or my conversation with the guy whose cousin owns those chickens, it's a place for no bullshit recipes.  Both healthy and indulgent. It's a place for me to put all the food-stained, hand-written recipes I've developed over the years into this technology we call computers. So bare with me. We are all on the run to chase our dreams, and this is about learning as I go.