garlic + soy edamame

This is quite possibly the easiest and most awesome snack alive. The end. 

- One 12oz bag frozen edamame (can adapt recipe for different sized bags)
- 1 tablespoon cooking oil (stir fry oil, olive oil, canola...)
- 3 garlic cloves, peeled + minced
- Red pepper flakes, to sprinkle
- A few big splashes of low sodium soy sauce
- Salt + Pepper, to taste
- Optional: squirt of lemon or lime juice, sesame seeds, garlic powder, furikake seasoning...

1. Heat cooking oil in a medium sauté pan on medium heat. Add the garlic, red pepper flakes and a pinch of salt + pepper. Sweat for 1 minute.
2. Add frozen edamame. Feel like a scientist when everything smokes like dry ice. Toss edamame around so that every solider gets coated. Add in soy sauce, to your liking. Cook until all pieces are warmed through, about 6-9 minutes.
3. Pour into a bowl and serve warm, making sure all the bits from the pan make it onto the finished edamame. Sprinkle with flaky sea salt or any other finishing touches.